Chupryna 3D-art
Work process
We value time, therefore we organize our work in the way to keep the deadline and do all in the best way
The client fills out a brief of the project. We determine the complexity, timing, and cost of work. The client provides us with all the necessary materials.
We begin to work after getting 50% of the cost. The date of commencement of work is agreed upon in advance and may differ from the date of the first payment.
Start of work
We divide the project into a few stages. The main stages are determined in the contract. After the completion of each stage, the materials are transferred to the client for approval and making change requests.

Each stage of the work may contain 2 amendments. The client can request changes related to this type of work only while working on this stage. For example changes to the work on the model can only be made while working with the model, changes to the model at the next stages are paid hourly and calculated individually, taking into account all the related changes.

Approval deadlines
Do not pay extra money - give feedback quickly!
We expect the feedback within 12 working hours, not to extend the development process and keep the deadline. Exceeding the waiting limit is paid hourly.
The final payment occurs after the client approves the finished materials.
50% + additional costs for time or changes.
Visualizations in high resolution are transferred to the client after full payment.

Contact us
Phone: +48 793 506 775